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Welcome and thank you for visiting the NJPRF website.

Since launching the NJPRF in March, I’m proud to report that we have raised more than $38M from over 60,000 donors representing every county in New Jersey, every state in the country and a dozen foreign countries.  Thanks to a combination of pro bono help and the generous underwriting of administrative expenses, every penny raised goes directly to those most in need.

To date, we have given away nearly $30M to over 460 organizations helping the most vulnerable across all 21 counties in New Jersey. Our initial focus was supporting community-based organizations on the frontlines of the pandemic, including food pantries, churches, health clinics, homeless shelters, housing organizations, senior citizen support, direct cash subsidies, and mental health organizations.

However, as we move into Fall, there is a growing recognition that many in our state will be negatively impacted by the effects of the pandemic for years to come. To address these challenges, the NJPRF is funding catalytic solutions to complex, yet urgent needs across the state. Leveraging data and partnerships with leading companies and philanthropic organizations, the NJRPF will make strategic grants to key programs that will have an outsized impact in the state and on the road to recovery. As I write, we have already helped jump start an Arts Recovery Fund, deployed resources to address the digital divide in schools, provided support to stave off the pending eviction crisis, and are excitedly working on multiple other dynamic and innovative projects.

Thank you for supporting the NJPRF. Your generosity has had a profound impact! Together, we will continue to support and lift up those most impacted by COVID-19.


NJPRF was created to address the social, economic, and medical impact of COVID-19 on New Jersey.


City Green, Clifton, NJ NJPRF funds helped City Green put fresh, healthy food on the tables of individuals and families in need.

The grant allowed City Green’s network of partner farmer’s markets to safely bring locally grown fresh produce to their communities.

The Grant supported City Green’s “Good Food Buck” SNAP and WIC incentive program, providing $3,500+ of discounted farm-fresh food to more than 200 food-insecure families
HANDS, Orange, NJ The NJPRF grant made it possible for HANDS’ rental tenants—including creative economy entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofits—in the Valley Arts District to meet their rent obligations during the early months of the pandemic, which in turn freed up funds to pay staff and fixed costs. The grant assisted the community’s economic development goals and HANDS at the same time!

“Thank you from Southern Comfort Cafe
Please let the group know that we are forever grateful, and their donation helped us to keep our doors open.”

Southern Comfort Cafe is owned by Marcus and Rochelle Brown Johnson. 
Housing and Neighborhood Development Services, Inc.
CCCC The NJPRF grant gave child care centers an opportunity to use their strength-based relationships to purchase items that would be most meaningful to the families they serve. Testimonials from families helped:

“It is such a big help and I see so many of the things that my son actually eats!”
“A sincere thank you to whoever helped provide these groceries. My family appreciates it so much!”
Community Coordinated Child Care of Union County 
Asbury Park Dinner
Table, Asbury Park, NJ
Was founded in response to COVID-19 to support the local economy while helping local food-insecure families by purchasing and distributing takeout meals from local restaurants.

Asbury Park Dinner Table provided more than 60,000 fresh meals over 5 months and the grant helped restaurants continue paying employees despite the executive order limiting restaurants to takeout for a period of time.
St. James Health, Newark NJPRF granted St. James Health, a clinic in Newark, and Metropolitan Baptist Church funds to open a walk-in/drive-through COVID test site.

The grant also allowed St. James Health to go door to door and provide outreach, testing and primary care exams to seniors who were unable or unwilling to go to a public testing site.

In total, over 500 seniors and more than 600 walk-in/drive in patients were tested during a critical time.


New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund will raise funds and organize and coordinate resources to fight the medical, social and economic impact of COVID-19 on New Jersey’s most vulnerable.


This virus will not rest and neither can we. Donate now to help us help New Jersey.