The New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund will raise funds, organize, and coordinate resources to fight the medical, social, and economic impact of COVID-19 on New Jersey’s most vulnerable.

No, NJPRF has no affiliation with any government entity. NJPRF is a non-profit organization hosted by the Community Foundation of New Jersey.

NJPRF will provide grants to existing organizations with a demonstrated track record of caring for vulnerable communities. One hundred percent of donations received online by NJPRF will be used to fight the medical, social, and economic impact of COVID-19 on New Jersey’s most vulnerable, supporting organizations that provide essential services, and aiding those on the front line of the pandemic.

The Board of Directors will have authority over distribution decisions and will consider recommendations from NJPRF Chief Executive Officer, Josh Weinreich. Board Chair, First Lady Tammy Murphy, is a non-voting member of the Board and will not have a role in the selection of grant recipients.

NJPRF can accept gifts of any amount of cash, stock, and credit cards  – Click here to donate. Checks can be mailed to the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund at P.O. Box 338, Morristown, NJ 07963; for wiring and stock transfer instructions, please contact For more information about donations, please contact CEO Josh Weinreich at

NJPRF is not taking grant applications at this time.

We are working expeditiously and methodically to identify critical needs and deliver philanthropic resources in the most efficient and effective way possible. Information about NJPRF’s grantee distributions will be available on our website shortly.

First Lady Tammy Murphy is the founding Chair and a non-voting member of NJPRF’s Board of Directors. She brings a wealth of nonprofit experience and will use her voice to amplify NJPRF’s cause. Josh Weinreich is the Fund’s Chief Executive Officer. He is a seasoned leader in both the corporate and the non-profit fields. Josh came highly recommended by an executive search firm and was the unanimous choice of the Board of Directors. Mr. Weinreich is serving in this role pro-bono and will receive no monetary compensation. Biographies of the First Lady and Mr. Weinreich, as well as information about NJPRF’s full leadership team, can be found here.

NJPRF will be providing regular updates about fundraising efforts, grant distributions, and more on our website and the social media channels provided below.

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This virus will not rest and neither can we. Donate now to help us help New Jersey.