Born out of an unexpected crisis, we started the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund to quickly address urgent needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We knew the task was daunting, yet it is hard times that define character. This pandemic has shown that New Jersey is a state filled with fighters who care deeply for their neighbors. In good times and bad, we show up and support one another: this is just what Jersey does.

The Fund successfully harnessed this indomitable Jersey spirit and generosity. In the dark days of March 2020, we brought together the leaders, resources and expertise needed to respond to the pandemic. Our unique position allowed us to identify needs, fill-in gaps and remove roadblocks to deliver aid where it was most urgently needed. Importantly, over 62,000 donors like yourself generously gave over $66.3 million. Our total combined impact exceeded $88 million in grants and co-investments. In addition, hundreds of individuals, corporations and foundations volunteered their time, allowing us to put 100% of funds raised toward those most in need.

Early on, the Fund focused on areas of critical need such as food, shelter, and health. As the pandemic wore on, we recognized and funded programs addressing deeper systemic issues such as child care accessibility and digital connectivity in schools. We committed resources to support the arts community and women and minority-owned small businesses. And we provided much-needed funding for mental health counseling as well as support for people facing eviction. Here and now, we continue with our work delivering resources across a number of ongoing initiatives that target our neediest neighbors and help them bridge to a better tomorrow.

Throughout it all, we have been humbled by the overwhelming response from citizens across our state. As the past nine months have proven, New Jersey neighbors will always be there for one another and respond with strength to any crisis. We are mindful of the challenges that lie ahead and know that together we can continue to help our most vulnerable neighbors get back on their feet. Thank you for caring and joining us in this work. None of this happens without you.

With gratitude,

Tammy and Josh


A Message from the Board of Directors


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This virus will not rest and neither can we. Donate now to help us help New Jersey.